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The Team

Bachendri Pal

Bachendri Pal, 67
Expedition Leader

Bachendri Pal (67) hails from Uttarakhand. An ace mountaineer par excellence, she is the first Indian women to summit Everest in 1984. After her Everest summit she went on to inspire, motivate and helped hundreds of women to pursue adventure activities. She has led numerous pathbreaking expeditions not only to the mountains, but also in water and desert too. Most significant and challenging one being the first international Indo-Nepalese Women’s Everest expedition (1993) which created 7 world records from a single expedition which stands still today. One of the of the record being as many as 18 members of the expedition scaled Everest. Ms. Bachendri has also led the 'The Great Indian Women's Rafting Voyage' in 1994, and the 'First Indian Women Trans-Himalayan Expedition' in 1997.

Besides mountaineering she also led various relief works activities such as the Bhuj Earthquake, (Gujarat), Orissa Tsunami, and carried out a relief and rescue operation during floodsin Uttarakhand and the remotest villages of the Himalayas. Bachendri Pal had also led the “Mission Ganga Cleaning Expedition” in collaboration with the Government of India. During the 1993 Indo-Nepalese women’s Everest expedition under her leadership, the team voluntarily collected and brought back 500kg of non-biodegradable waste which has become mandatory now. As an exemplary leader she has ensured and supported many more women to reach the same height where she was once. She is the mentor of Tata Steel Adventure Foundation. Ms. Bachendri Pal is a recipient of Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri, Arjuna award and Tenzing Norgay awards besides innumerable other awards and accolades.

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Chetna Sahoo (54), from West Bengal, is an Everest summiteer. When she and her husband scaled Everest, they became the oldest Indian couple to achieve this feat. She was a member of the first Trans Himalayan Expedition (1997) led by Bachendri Pal. She has scaled around 10 peaks in the Indian Himalayas. A good navigator. she has also scaled the highest peak in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. She holds an M.A and an M. Ed degree.

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Chetna Sahoo

Chetna Sahoo, 54
Expedition Deputy Leader


Savita Dhapwal, 53

Savita Dhapwal (53) from Chhattisgarh: She scaled Everest during the first international Indo-Nepalese Women’s Everest expedition (1993) led by Bachendri Pal. Savitha has climbed around 8 Himalayan peaks. She is also the Winner of Tenzing Norgay award.

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Savita Dhapwal

Chaula Jagirdar, 64

Chaula Jagirdar (64) from Gujarat: A retired Principal of Mountaineering Institute Mt Abu, she has scaled more than 15 Himalayan peaks. She was also a member of the first Trans Himalayan expedition (1997) and a member of the Indian Women's Thar Desert Expedition, was a part of the 1991 pre-Everest Expedition to Mt. Kamet led by Bachendri Pal. Chaula was part of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) special winter Alpine course and a special Winter Mountaineering course. She was also a member of First ever All women’s successful High Altitude “Snow men Trek” in Bhutan Himalayas (2011). She has been the leader of successful IMF All Women Post Monsoon expedition to Menthosa (21,140 ft) in 2007. Among other achievements include member of “Karakoram Pass” expedition in 2005, Leader of “All Women expedition to Mt. Kailash (22, 744 ft) organized by IMF in 2004. Chaula was also a  member of all women expedition to Island Peak (Mt. Imja Tse, 20,305 ft), also member of the 1992 pre-Everest expedition to Mamostong Kangri, all led by Bachendri Pal.
An avid Biker she was a part of the all-women successful motorcycle expedition to Kargil in 1999 and a cyclist.
Among other peaks she has scaled and part of several expeditions include Devisthan (22,400 ft), Trishul (23,353ft), Ladakhi (17,521 ft), Bharte kunta (21,575 ft), Kedar dome (22,402 ft), Rudugaira (19,090 ft) and Koteshwar (19,942 ft) and Stok Kangri (20,150ft).  She has also participated in many Mountain rescue operations 

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Chaula Jagirdar

Gangotri Soneji, 63

Gangotri Soneji (63) from Gujarat: An Educationalist, Mountaineer, Skier, Sailor, Scuba driver, National Swimmer, Biker, Trained water safety Instructor. She has climbed 15 peaks in the Indian Himalayas. Done climbing and skiing in the US and Switzerland. She has reached up to 24,000 feet.

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Gangotri Soneji
Payo Murmu

 Payo Murmu, 57

Payo Murmu (57) from Jharkhand: During her Everest expedition She has gone up to South Kol (26,200 ft). A tough climber she has scaled around 7 Himalayan peaks. An avid sports person. She was also the former employee of Tata Steel.

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Dr Sushma Bissa

Dr Sushma Bissa, 55

Dr. Sushma Bissa (55) from Rajasthan: She has climbed 7 Himalayan peaks and had also attempted Everest. As an avid Bungee jumper, skier, and a biker. She was a member of the Indian Women's Thar Desert Expedition led by Bachendri pal. She holds a Doctorate in music.

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Shamala Padmanabhan

Shamala Padmanabhan, 64

Shamala Padmanabhan (64) from Karnataka: A mountaineer and marathoner she was a part of the 1991 pre-Everest Expedition to Mt. Kamet led by Bachendri Pal. Went up to 22,000 ft. She has climbed 3 peaks in the Himalayas. Has completed more than 25 half marathons. She was working with Tata Consultancy Services as a Sr. General Manager, corporate communication prior to her retirement. MA (journalism) and MS in Communication Technology (US) as a Fulbright Scholar.

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Maj Krishna Dubey

Major Krishna Dubey, 59

Maj. Krishna Dubey (59) from Uttar Pradesh: She has climbed 11 Indian Himalayan peaks. She was a part of 1991 pre-Everest Expedition to Mt. Kamet led by Bachendri Pal. A Para jumper. She is a retired administrative officer from military service. She Holds a B.Sc. & B.Ed. degree.

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Bimla Deoskar

Bimla Deoskar (54) from Maharashtra: She has summitted 15 peaks and participated in 23 expeditions. She was also the leader of IMF Golden Jubilee Mountaineering expedition to Mt. Satopanth (23,212 ft), Leader and summiteer of Mt. Manirang (21,630 ft). Member of Snowmen Trek, Bhutan. was a part of the 1991 pre-Everest Expedition to Mt. Kamet, member of the 1992 pre-Everest expedition to Mamostong Kangri, all led by Bachendri Pal. Was the coach of “Mission Shaurya” team Maharashtra which scaled Mt. Everest in 2018 & 19. Bimla holds a master’s degree in political science.

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Bimla Deoskar, 54

Vasumathi Srinivasan

Vasumathi Srinivasan, 68

Vasumathi Srinivasan (68) from Karnataka: Vasumathi, a life member of Karnataka Mountaineering Association has been visiting Himalayas for the last 46 years. since She has been the leader of the First Army Ladies and First Dogra Ladies expedition, a climbing leader for the First Karnataka Ladies expedition. She was a member of the 15 women’s team which cycled from Kolkata to Kanyakumari covering a distance of 3000 kms in 34 days. Was a member of the Pre Everest expedition school to Gangotri and Mana. She was also a member of Camel Safari which covered a distance of 2000kms in 35 days. She has also scaled Kilimanjaro twice from two different routes. As a regular visit to the Himalayas, she has trekked 12 times to Everest Base camp.

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L Annapurna, 52

L Annapurna has been actively involved in mountain sports since her Basic (1989) and Advance courses in 1990. She was a part of 1991 pre-Everest Expedition to Mt. Kamet led by Bachendri Pal. She has been on several expeditions such as Island Peak (Mt. Imja Tse, 20,305 ft), Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,340 feet) and Mt. Kang Yatse II (20,570 ft). She has also completed Basic water Sports Course and has participated in N.H Wint trekking expedition in 1997. She had taken part in Women’s Desert safari from Bhuj to Wagah border covering Rann of Kutch along the international border. She was also a part of Mt. Annapurna circuit (2013). Currently Annapurna is working as a Senior Instructor, at Tata Steel Adventure Foundation.

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Annapurna L
Mohan Singh Rawat

Mohan Singh Rawat, 49

Mohan Singh Rawat (49) is from Uttarkashi: He has done his Basic, Advance and Method of Instructions course in Mountaineering. Mohan also completed Pre basic Skiing course besides river rafting. He has been on several mountaineering expeditions such as mount Thelu, (19,700 ft), Rudragaira, (19,091 ft), Bhagirathi 2 (21,489 ft), Jagatsukh (16,665 ft) Kanamo (19,553 ft), Stork Kangri (20,187 ft) and Dzo Jongo Peak (20,500 ft).

Randev Singh

Randev Singh, 28

Randev Singh (28) hails from Uttarkashi district: An Ace Chef he has more than 9 years of Kitchen Quarter master roles for several expeditions including mount Kanamo (19,553 ft - consecutively for 3 years) twice on Rudragaira (19,091 ft) and Jagatsukh (16,665 ft). In 2020he was handling the Triple Pass challenge (Darwa, Borasu & Bali Pass) and in 2021 on Dzo Jongo, (20,500 ft) and Kang Yatse (21,312 ft). Randev has also competed his Basic Mountaineering course.

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