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Chaula Jagirdar

The 1997 Women's Trans Himalayan Expedition

Chaula Jagirdar, 64

An essential asset to this trekking party, Chaula Jagirdar has been a frontrunner to the 1997  Trans Himalayan trek as well. She retired as a Principal from the Mountaineering institute -SVIM located  in Mount Abu. After having committed to her dear friend, Ms Bachendri Pal, in 1997 to re-do the same expedition sometime after 25 years coupled with her dedication to this field of mountaineering for years, a feeling of extreme importance enshrines in her. To be a part of this massive expedition and witness the ever-changing mighty Himalayas is a feeling no words can explain. 

She has always been very keen to be a part of the smallest of journeys that take her close to the mountains. This opportunity has come as a blessing to her.  She has been deeply involved in the previous expeditions; having completed it successfully with hard-work, strong dedication and tremendous perseverance. She had stood rock solid with the members of the team in times of hardships. Her detailed knowledge about the region and the areas involved in the expedition is will assist in navigating through grinding areas in challenging times.    


A quintessential mountaineer who has been in this field for the last 45 years, and still stands firm at 63, she aspires to set an example for every  woman from all corners of the world to set out on their desired journeys. Age is no bar and all one requires is mental strength to fulfil their dreams.  


  • Advanced Mountaineering Course - NIM, Uttarkashi

  • Search and Rescue (Winter camp) - NIM, Uttarkashi

  • Method of Instruction - NIM, Uttarkashi

  • Skiing Course – IISM, Gulmarg 


Major Expeditions

  • Thar desert Expedition ( Kutch to Wagha border) , 2007  

  • Cycle Expedition ( Kutch to Kerala) ,2014 

  • Snowman trek ( Bhutan ) 2011  

  • Annapurna Circuit , 1986  

  • Successful rescue Operations , 1986 and 1992 

  • Trans Himalaya expedition (Arunachal Pradesh to Siachin glacier), 1997 

  • Motorcycle expedition (Delhi to Leh, Leh to Delhi via Kargil, Drass) 1999

  • Mt Bhartekhunta (7138m) , 

  • Mt. Kamet (7756m) 

  • Mt. Mamostong kangri (7516m) 

  • Mt. Abi Gamin (7355m) 

  • Mt. Kedar dome (6940m)

  • Sri Kailash (6932m) 

  • Mt. Manirang expedition (6593m)  

  • Mt. Menthosa (6443)

  • Mt. Devistan 1 (6678) 

  • Mt. Trishul (7120m) 




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