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Bimla Deoskar

Mohan rawat (दरवा पास हनुमान चट्टी ट्रैक ) - 20211001_075538.jpg
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Bimla Deoskar, 54

“This is a campaign where we will be able to expand the boundaries of women’s abilities. Common women go through many physical, mental, emotional problems at the age of 50, 60,70 years. In this hustle and bustle, make time for yourself, expand your desire, aspirations and have self-motivation to fulfil your life’s dreams.

This campaign is an example of women’s ability, high goals and courageous thinking, capable of breaking all imaginary boundaries. Such an amazing and unimaginable effort by 50+ year old women, where they pledge to complete the Trans-Himalayan expedition to measure the vastness of Himalayas, will set an example in front of the world. Age is a stage in the art of living. The goal of life is fulfilled only when we make constant efforts to put our desire in the wings for the flight of our dreams and keep on searching for the new sky.”

Bimla Deoskar's spirits are high as always. This campaign is an opportunity to rise above her inherent potential and test her bounds as an activist of Fit India Mission. She is excited to know the untouched aspects of Himalayas. Exploring the Himalayas in its serene form over the next five months, Bimla is all set to enjoy every bit of the voyage.  Her experience of 30 years in the field of mountaineering, especially under her leadership in some extreme conditions, will help the team’s safety during this expedition. Bimla Negi-Deoskar and her husband Avinash have trained tribal youth from Chandrapur, Maharashtra, to scale Mt Everest. She feels extremely fortunate to be a part of the expedition which is about breaking stereotypes. “Usually when you enter the late-50s zone, the focus is on relaxing and settling into a retired life. But retirement can be a new beginning, with new avenues to explore,” said the 54-year-old from Nagpur.



  • Basic Mountaineering Course- NIM

  • Advance Mountaineering Course- NIM

  • Alpine Style Climbing Camp-  WHMI

  • Winter Camp – NIM


Major Expeditions

  • Reached an altitude of 22000ft on Mt Everest

  • Mt Kilimanjaro

  • Mt Abi Gamin

  • Mt Stok Kangri

  • Leader - Indian Mountaineering Federation (IMF) expedition to Mt Satopanth for their Golden Jubilee celebrations.




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