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Maj Krishna Dubey

The 1997 Women's Trans Himalayan Expedition
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Maj Krishna Dubey, 59

“I want to be part of this unique expedition under the leadership of Ms. Bachendri Pal. Also, I want to show women empowerment, to determine the actions involving life challenges, to grow mentally, spiritually and emotionally. To show that age is just a number and to motivate and inspire women towards nation building.

Every mountain has its own beauty and vegetation. It gives homes to animals, they're fun to hike, flow of majestic waterfalls and have snowy peaks. We get fascinated with mountains beautiful sceneries. Mountains are Mountains.”

Maj Krishna aims to enhance the emotional and mental state of fellow women by encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone. Her motto is woman empowerment at the age of 50+ liberating the soul to pursue a life of fitness, bliss and contentment. The expedition will be truly beneficial to the team members exhibiting physical well-being and a coordinated voyage which in turn results in a stress-free lifestyle.

She is works to help women to access their rights to a clean, healthy and safe environment in terms of values, commitment, in terms of values, commitments and actions, to share experiences, and explore together. A retired army officer, her courage and valor in every aspect of the expedition encourages the party in taking a positive pathway even when the stars are not aligned.  She is the proud holder of a Para Wing and is one of the few women para-jumpers of the Indian Army.

Major Expeditions

  • Mt  Rudragaria

  • Mt Abi Gamin

  • Mt Stok Kangri

  • Mt Mamostang Kangri

  • Pre-Everest Expeditions.



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