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L Annapurna

Mohan rawat (दरवा पास हनुमान चट्टी ट्रैक ) - 20210930_064038.jpg

L Annapurna, 52

Annapurna has been actively involved in mountain sports since her  Basic Mountaineering Course in the year 1989. She is currently working as head instructor at the Tata Steel Adventure Foundation. An experienced mountaineer, she has climbed several peaks under the aegis of  Ms Bachendri Pal over the past 15-20 years. In the flagship project of TSAF, the Outdoor Leadership Courses, Annapurna assists the group of students and corporates in experiential learning and team building tasks.  She has also completed a course in basic Water Sports and accompanies the TSAF team to its Water Sports Center at Dimna in Jamshedpur.

Sharing her name with the grand Annapurna Range in Nepal, she feels the affinity towards mountains must have developed ever since she was an infant. The grandeur of the mighty Himalayas, the challenges and obstruction in traversing its pathways, the rush of adrenaline when dissecting passes enthralls her. She is all prepared for this adventure of a lifetime.



  • Basic Mountaineering Course (1989)

  • Advance courses in 1990


Major Expeditions

  • Island Peak (Mt. Imja Tse, 20,305 ft)

  • Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,340 feet)

  • Mt. Kang Yatse II (20,570 ft).

  • Women’s Desert safari from Bhuj to Wagah border covering Rann of Kutch along the international border

  • Mt. Annapurna circuit (2013).

  • N.H Winter trekking expedition in 1997

  • 1991 pre-Everest Expedition to Mt. Kamet



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