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Payo Murmu

Mohan rawat (दरवा पास हनुमान चट्टी ट्रैक ) - 20210928_071836.jpg

Payo Murmu, 57

“I want to be a part of this expedition to learn something new. I love trekking on the mountains and hills because of the serene and beautiful ecosystem that thrives amidst silence and satisfaction. Even the animals in the surroundings seem to live at peace with each other.

I'll be again going to the mountains after a gap of almost five years. I had left climbing after failing to annex Mount Everest in 2017. I was very disappointed and never thought of being part of any expedition. It's an opportunity for me and I don't want to miss it. Though climbing Everest is a different proposition but I would like to make amends this time and complete the journey”

Payo Murmu, a former member of Tata Steel’s Loco traffic wing and a resident of Jamshedpur is geared up for the challenges of the upcoming expedition. She is ready to explore her boundless capability as a mountaineer by encountering every obstacle with a firm conviction. She has always had the urge to travel to new locations, meet their native people and blend into their culture. She loves to learn about local cuisines in especially the food items that are found the mountains of Himalayas. A regular practitioner of yoga and meditation, Payo is leaving no stones unturned to strike a balance between her family commitments and her home. Her day starts as early as 4:00am followed by jogging, brisk walking and light exercises.  She is working as a guest instructor with TSAF.

A hard working tribal, Payo lives with her husband Sawna and sons Chandra, Ram and Lakshman. Sawna runs a motor garage near his house.


Major Expeditions

  • Mt Everest attempt

  • Mt Bhagirathi II

  • Annapurna Circuit trek

  • Labuchai Peak

  • Mugdha Top

  • Darwa Top

  • Siyari Top



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