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Dr Sushma Bissa

Mohan rawat (दरवा पास हनुमान चट्टी ट्रैक ) - 20210928_071958.jpg
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Dr Sushma Bissa, 55

“The main motive to be a part of this great expedition is to continue the spirit, urge and love for the mountains, and to pass the message to all that there is no limits for mountaineering at any age no matter what surgeries or injury you got in your past.”

An active member of many expeditions like Everest Expedition, Island Peak, Karakoram Pass, Kilimanjaro, a 2000km Desert Safari from the Rann of Kachh to the Wagah Boarder, she considers herself fit for such expeditions. She was also a part of the Mission Gange Expedition – a cleanliness campaign launched by Tata Steel Adventure Foundation, to clean the River Ganga from the stretch of Haridwar to Patna under the leadership of Ms Bachendri Pal.


As fearless as she is, a myriad of adventures like bungee jump, flying a microlight, hot air balloon, paragliding, kayaking, para-plane etc. enthrall her. She is also an Associate Member of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation and a member of the National Executive Foundation's National Executive. As a woman in sports her message to people is “Strive to stay fit. Set an example for the future generations to remain fit. In a healthy body, breeds a healthy mind."

This campaign sprouts the message of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, an aspiration to induce a healthy lifestyle in every citizen with minimal changes like walking, running, yoga or anything that may seem possible. The Trans Himalayan Expedition is a message to the youth of India to stay inculcate fitness into their everyday routine along with education so that India can preach a strong country on the world stage.



  • Adventure Course

  • Basic Mountaineering Course

  • Advance Mountaineering Course

  • Skiing Course

  • Micro-Light Course

Major Expeditions

  • Island peak,

  • Karakoram Pass

  • Kilimanjaro

  • Mt Stok Kangri 

  • Baby Shivling

  • Dropdi ka Danda

  • Attempted Mt Everest Expedition

  • A 2000km Desert Safari from Runn of Kutch to Wagah border

  • Motor Cycle Tour BKN to Tannot

  • ATV drive BKN to Rohtak

  • Mission Ganga Campaign

  • Bungee Jump


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