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Shamala Padmanabhan

The 1997 Women's Trans Himalayan Expedition
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Shamala Padmanabhan, 64

“The sepulchral silence, the solitude, the "Soulful" experience provided by mountains is an enchanting experience. Mountains and Valleys understand my silence and helps me clarify any internal turmoil within myself. Mountains not only challenge your physical endurance but also your grit and determination.


This Expedition is a lifetime opportunity, a gateway to the post-retirement life - my second innings. It is my wish to be a part of a team led by Ms Bachendri Pal whose leadership is very inspirational and the benchmark she sets for the mountaineers and trekkers are exemplary.  I would love to be with this team which relies on each other for its progress in unison while facing adversaries together and simultaneously experience collectivism.”


Like most of the team members, this is a life -time opportunity for Shamala. Due to her career in the corporate world, she had stalled her dream of becoming a full-time mountaineer. She was highly motivated to remain fit and participate in every expedition project that came her way post retirement. She believes in unlearning and re-learning, an important section of the growth cureve in one’s life. As a retired person from Tata Group, she feel the Trans Himalaya Expedition is an opportunity to walk the pathway to her passion. This is the first step to the upcoming post- retirement life of Shamala as a mountaineer. 
She is actively assisting the organizational logistics along with the team at Tata Steel Adventure Foundation to make the journey hassle free and comfortable for all.



  • Basic Mountaineering Course, HMI

  • Advance Mountaineering Course, HMI

  • Second Advance Mountaineering Course, WHMI, Manali

Major Expeditions

  • More than 25 half marathons (21.1 km ) in Mumbai, Durshit, Leh-Ladakh, Delhi, Shimla, Satara hill Marathon, Amsterdam etc.,

  • Completed 3 ultra-marathons of 35 km, 55km and 65 km. 

  • Have completed more than 25 long distance runs of 10km as part of marathons

  • Summited Mt Kamet

  • CB 13 (20671 ft)

  • Deo Tibba (19803 ft)

  • Khang La Khang (18348 ft) 

  • B.C. Roy Peak (18000 ft)





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