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Chetna Sahoo


Chetna Sahoo, 54
Expedition Deputy Leader

“I love Mountains because they have taught me the most valuable lesson of life - The value of TIME and its greatest gift of life. They are the ultimate source of my energy, happiness and health.

I want to do this expedition because its an opportunity to be back in 1997 like "Time Machine", to correct the mistakes I did as a youngster in the 1997 trek. I am excited to relive the 1997 moments, the most precious time in my life. The beauty of the mountains mesmerize me. I feel that the mountains are calling to live life with more health happiness fun.

This is going to be a unique journey, a lifetime opportunity to spend 5 long months with Bachendri Didi in the mountains. What else can a mountaineer aspire for!”

An ace mountaineer, and a part of the previous 1997 Trans Himalayan expedition, Chetna is ever ready to take up new challenges. Nothing can stop her from embracing her love for mountains, be it age, terrain, altitude or whatever it may be! She calls herself a fortunate person to be given the opportunity of this amazing Trans Himalayan Expedition’22 for the second time. This journey is very close to her heart, to be in the team of Ms Bachendri Pal, the strongest and most inspiring leader whom she fondly refers to as ‘Didi’.


During the 1997 expedition, Chetna was a newlywed 30-year-old, shy lady with an expansive dream in her eyes. Determination, endurance and teamwork that she picked up in the previous expedition has been a lesson that will stay with her all along. It has shaped her into the happy, healthy and strong woman that she is today, at the upper age bracket of 50+. She is eagerly looking forward to reliving the golden memories in this unique expedition.


The 1997 Tran Himalayan expedition was an awakening to the life that followed as a mountaineer. She learnt to handle all types of situations that arise in an expedition and move ahead fearlessly to accomplish the goal set. She is strong in her belief that all the lessons learnt in the previous expedition will be put to use and contribute towards navigating strategically within time to save energy. She was a student then, she is relatively a seasoned mountaineer now.



  1. Basic Rock Climbing Course- Junagarh, Gujarat

  2. Basic Mountaineering Course – NIM, Uttarkashi

  3. Advance Mountaineering Course – NIM, Uttarkashi

  4. Alpine Style Climbing Course – IMF (HMI)

  5. Method Of Instruction - NIM, Uttarkashi


Major Expeditions

  • Mt Everest

  • Mt Shalandurga

  • Mt Nanda Kot

  • Mt Shivling

  • Mt Panchauli II

  • Mt Kilimanjaro

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