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Gangotri Soneji


Gangotri Soneji, 63

“The excitement of attempting something new at this age keeps me alive  from within. Taking up the new challenges in the mountain would be the best ground to play Life's last inning. My motto for this expedition is:To bring the LIFE to the age of 60 + by taking up the challenges to see how much we can stretch our bodily limitation at this junction of life.To live the life to the fullest by exploring new horizons even at the age of 60 plus. Being in the mountains is my inner call, I feel at ease in the mountains, I feel that the mountains listen to my heart and we dance on the same tune.  I feel welcomed in the arms of the mountains and this gives a true meaning to my existence.”

A trained psychologist, Gangotri Soneji is currently working as an Educational Consultant in the USA. While crossing the age 60, thought of a stagnant life was crept into her mind. She found pessimism amongst the general public about undertaking adventure expeditions whike in the uooer age bracket. A true inspiration, she wants to an embodiment of effective functionality at the age of 60 too – Her primary motive to join this trekking party “Fit@50+”. In her view, “if you are physically fit, at the age of 60, then you still have a minimum of 10 to 15 years of productivity, so why to waste these precious years.” One would have gained all the knowledge and wisdom in all these years, so this is the age to utilise all the wisdom gained for a productive life.  She is keen to spread the concept of remaining active and productive till your last breadth. A productive life is a life full of satisfaction. You will not feel the void of just whiling away time, idle.
Many women in India are progressive and living the life FULLY and her presence in the expedition will prove this effectively. Her life skill training and teaching during all these years will help while they work as a team, interacting with various people they meet on their five month long trek. True Commitment has its own impact in the team as well creates a healthy and happy environment for all. She is a considerate and helpful nature will definitely bring positivity to the team in times of distress.  Faith and commitment to the work at hand brings great transformation. Her believe in the concept of Fit@50+ will manifest the team’s victory.



  • Basic Rock Climbing course,   Mt Abu, Raj.  

  • Basic Ice And Snow Craft Course, WHMI, Manali, 

  • Advance Ice And Snow Craft Course, NIM, Uttarkashi  

  • Basic SKI Course, Gulmarg 

  • Alpine Course, NIM

Other courses


  • Water Safety at American Red cross Society Princeton USA

  • Life Guard course at American Red Cross Society Princeton USA 

  • First Aid Course at American Red Cross Society Princeton USA 

  • CPR Course at American Red Cross Society Princeton USA 

  • Scuba Diving at Malvan , Maharashtra 

  • Sailing at  Youth Hostel, Goa  

  • Skiing and Mountaineering in USA and Switzerland

Major Expeditions

  • Cycling from Kolkata to Kanyakumari covering a distance of 3,500 Km 

  • Leader of Motor Biking Expedition covering central Gujarat costal area around 1,000 km

  • Mt  Bhgairathi II

  • Mt Rudragiri

  • Mt Kedardom

  • Mt Kedar Nath

  • Mt Bharati Kunta

  • Mt Kamet



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